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A Pretty Sweet Message

August 9, 2018
By Suzanne Tucker, Assistant Director of Music and Arts

My afternoon pick-me-up is sometimes a Dove dark chocolate. (If I’m honest, I’ll admit that it might be more than one.) Those shiny red wrappers often have an inspirational message inside, and last week I opened one that made me think. It said, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

A tribe is a group of people with a shared language, relationships, and celebrations. They have common bonds that bind them together. They support each other in the bad times, and rejoice with each other in the good. Sometimes the tribe has to correct a member whose decisions or actions are harmful to the member or to the tribe as a whole. Humans have gravitated toward tribes from the beginning of time for survival. We still gravitate toward tribes because we are relational; we don’t like to “go it alone.”

Do you have a tribe?

Is it the right kind of tribe? One that lifts you up and makes you better? Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Are you in the type of tribe that sharpens you? Are you the type of tribe member who sharpens others?

  • If a tribe is made of people with a shared language, let mine be a language that is life-giving. Let my tongue sing praises and my words be those that build up and never tear down.
  • If a tribe is made of people with shared relationships, let mine be one that does not hold people at arm’s length. Let me pull people close as we walk together through hurts and struggles.
  • If a tribe is made of people with shared celebrations, let me celebrate at the table of communion. Let me celebrate the baptism of a new believer. Let me celebrate the return of the prodigal son.
  • If a tribe is made of people with a common bond, let mine be a common bond of faith. Let me be united with others by my love of redemption, truth, grace, and hope.

I’ve found some great tribes within the walls of this church. A small group of ladies who walk through the ups-and-downs of raising kids and working while trying to keep our eyes on Christ. I’ve also got my choir tribe, with our common language of worship, praise, and music. My life is exponentially richer because of my tribes.

The chocolate wrapper had it right. My vibe will attract my tribe, so let my words be sweet and my relationships built on solid foundations. But here’s something the chocolate didn’t take into account; your tribe affects your vibe. If you’re still searching for the right tribe, let us help! There are a hundred places to plug in here at Mt. Bethel. One of them is the place where you can find your heart knitted with those who make you stronger.