A Parents’ Impact

October 4, 2019
By Shannon Herring

I’ve been a member at Mt. Bethel for 37 years – since I was five. My parents are here, and my girls are growing up here. After college, God called me into youth ministry, and honestly, that was the last thing I thought that I would ever do. I just didn’t think I had the gifts for it or the temperament. I interned one summer and had a blast! I was in Student Ministry for about seven years at Mt. Bethel. Then I decided to work normal hours and became an administrative assistant in different areas until we had our second child. I felt God telling me to go home, so I became a stay-at-home mom – which is the best job ever!

I have always felt like my job as a stay-at-home mom is to support the activities that I put my children in. I’m not a drop-off mom. If my kids are involved in it, I’m there in some way helping them out. I think part of that is from my Student Ministry days because I genuinely understand the value of a volunteer. They are the life blood of the church. We have a great staff, but they can’t do it all and shouldn’t have to.

Volunteering and serving God has been such a passion of mine because I’ve seen it modeled for me by my parents. They’ve always been active in the church and in my school. Even today, my mom volunteers in the Bookstore and the front office. My dad is on a camera most Sundays in the Sanctuary. I see them volunteering, and I hope my kids see me volunteering and giving back.

There are so many different places to get plugged in to serve with your gifts. I would encourage people to look around and find something you feel comfortable with because any way to get involved in the church is a way to get connected to the community. You meet people, and you feel a part of the church. Coming on Sundays, especially at a big church, can feel impersonal. But when you get involved and get invested, then you have a community; that’s when you feel connected. Also, God calls us to help, to volunteer, to serve. We’re the body of Christ, so every gift is represented.