A Ministry for the Whole Family

August 12, 2015
By Stephen Watts

Foster siblingsIn July, the Mt. Bethel Called to Care Foster Ministry hosted a pool social at the North Campus for families with foster and adopted children.  As families arrived at the pool, I noticed that there were several people I did not recognize. The pool was open to the community at the same time we were having our social, and it was difficult to tell which families were with our group and which were members of the pool enjoying a cool pool on a hot summer day. I found myself trying to guess if the families I saw had foster or adoptive children. Looking back at my thoughts, I realized I was doing the same thing our society is so quick to do. Our society has created so many labels for kids (i.e. medically fragile, special needs, foster child). I think often times we can let these labels cause us to have a certain bias toward the child. If someone was looking from the outside of the pool that day, they would have enjoyed watching parents and children playing with each other, foster and biological. After all, kids are kids.

The best part of my day happened later that night. As I was tucking our four-year-old daughter into bed, she asked me to tell her a story about her and her teddy bear. I told her how one day she and her teddy bear were walking through the woods when they came across a beautiful castle. As she walked into this castle, she was greeted by the queen and king, who happened to be her Mommy and Daddy. My daughter asked why we were given this castle, and we told her that it was for her to live there as well as other children whose mommies and daddies could not take care of them right now. Now, I am not a very good story teller but during the whole story my daughter was smiling and bouncing up and down on her bed because she was so excited. When I told her the part of the story about the children staying with us, she became so excited she started shaking. Our daughter has truly enjoyed helping us take care of these children in foster care. As my wife so perceptively pointed out the other day, it is a great ministry for our family because it is something all of our family can do together. While we can’t go out and build a house together because of the ages of our children, our daughters certainly can help us take care of children who need a family. My prayer is that God will grant me and our church the same excitement that my daughter has in serving these children.

– Stephen Watts

The Mt. Bethel Called to Care Foster Ministry recruits, trains, and supports families in their endeavor to serve children in foster care. Due to circumstances beyond their control, these children are in much need of your love and compassion. If you want to put your Compassion into Action and help transform the lives of children in foster care, become a foster family or a volunteer in the Called to Care Foster Ministry. There are many ways in which you can serve our foster children and support our foster families.

The Mt. Bethel Called to Care Foster Ministry will conduct an orientation session on Wednesday September 2, at 6:30pm. This orientation will provide all of the information necessary for you to decide how you can best support this important ministry. Please call Wayne Stolz at 678.360.8169 or Stephanie Watts at 770.853.8275 for further information and to register for this orientation session.