Jim Callis The Cost of Comfort

Posted: | Written By: Jim R. Callis, Head of School

Let me begin with a confession…I enjoy being comfortable. My guess is I’m not the only one. We are hard-wired to avoid things that are uncertain and potentially uncomfortable. We gravitate toward the familiar and enjoyable. This predisposition towards comfort

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I’ve Just Seen Jesus

Posted: | Written By: Dianne Hylton

“I’ve Just Seen Jesus” is a song that has spoken to me for many years and was sung at the Easter service today. What an amazing song. I have always loved that song, but I was really moved this morning.  …

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Passover in SPLAT U


Mt. Bethel Wednesday night children celebrated Passover with a simulation of the Last Supper in the Upper Room.  Reverend Kim McGarr led the children in Communion.  We had a visitor, Rev Prem Swaroop, from India.

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Glenn Ray preaching in Sanctuary The Adequacy of Inadequacy

Posted: | Written By: Rev. Glenn Ray

There were two milk cows standing under a shade tree chewing their cud in a pasture near the freeway. Both were watching the traffic go by and enjoying a spring afternoon. Eventually, a milk truck passes with a large sign

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