theme 2 Our Great Heritage

Posted: | Written By: Rev. Glenn Ray

As United Methodists, we have a great heritage of faith. Our founder, John Wesley was a man of great faith. The most important characteristic of Wesley’s faith was his love for the Bible. Wesley wrote these words in his Preface

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ChurchyWords_Icon Churchy Words


We often use terms in church assuming everyone knows their meaning. Some of these churchy terms are grace, faith, holiness, redemption, spirit-filled, advent, lent, and the list goes on and on. Join us at the North Campus for this new …

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Prophecy Revealed

Posted: | Written By: Rev. Carey Akin

In God’s Word, Luke goes to great lengths to make the connection between the prophecy of the Old Testament and the the fulfillment of that prophecy in the New Testament. But why?

According to the writing of Luke in the …

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A View From the Playroom

Posted: | Written By: Mark Taylor, Mt. Bethel Foster Dad

I went to court today and didn’t see it coming. I was there as a foster dad, bringing our foster-son to court for a hearing. We were escorted through a back entrance and upstairs to a small “playroom” where we …

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